Conférence Internationale de Spéléologie

Conférence Internationale de Spéléologie
16 – 20 Novembre 2010
Naberezhnye Chelny, Russie
“Speleology and spelestology: development and interaction of sciences”

Themes of Conference :
In frames of conference for holding scientific discussions three sections are planned to be organized.
The following themes of reports and informations.
1. Section of Speleology:
-modern methods of researches using GIS;
-problems of speleogenesis;
-results of regional speleological researches;
– biospeleology;
-caves in mine working;
-historical, archeological and paleozoological researches of caves
-mineralogy of cave
-ice caves
2. Section of Spelestology (mines, artificial caves)
-methods of researches and registration of the artificial caves
-regional spelestological research results
-secondary mineral formation
-geoecologic research aspects
-natural and man
-made formation factors of underground landscapes
3. Section of protection and using of the caves.
-cave ecology;
-juristic questions and practice of protection of the caves;
-recreative activities and safety.
After scientific discussions two days excursion will be organized. The participants will visit the capital – Kazan and speleological and spelestological objects of Tatarstan: Sarmanovsky and Aktashsky
copper mines (XVIII cent.); gypsum caves; Kamsko -Ustyinsky gypsum mine – one of the largest in Europe.
Registration :
You should fill in the registration form before May 1st 2010 The registration form is placed on the official page:
Secretariate :
For correspondence you should use the following addresses Gunko Alexey (the executive secretary):,
Dolotov Yurii:

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