Iron in Archaeology: Bloomery Smelters and Blacksmiths in Europe and Beyond

Le colloque “Iron in Archaeology: Bloomery Smelters and Blacksmiths in Europe and Beyond” est une conférence internationale en l’honneur de de Radomír Pleiner et des 50 ans du Comité pour la Sidérugie Ancienne.

Il se tiendra au National Technical Museum de Prague du 30 mai au 2 juin 2017.

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The aim of the conference is to bring together scholars involved in research on early ironworking and to share the newest results and experiences achieved in this field. Very welcome contributions are those informing about recently excavated bloomeries and smithies, about results of analyses of slags and iron artefacts, about new analytical methods developed, new trends and achieved results in experimental archaeometallurgy of iron etc.

The event will be held at Prague in the spring of 2017, thus 30 years after R. Pleiner himself organized a similar CPSA conference at Liblice near Prague1. Conferences organized under the auspice of the CPSA have already a long tradition, which will be, by the forthcoming event, revived and continued. The first meeting was held at Schaffhausen in 1970, the others at Eisenstadt in 1975, Schaffhausen in 1979, Sankelmark in 1980, Vordernberg in 1981, Populonia in 1983, Belfast in 1984, Norberg in 1985, Mainz in 1986, Liblice in 1987 (the 20th anniversary of CPSA), Val Camonica in 1988, Kielce-Ameliówka in 1989, Sévenans-Belfort in 1990, Budal in 1991, Ripoll in 1993, Besançon in 1993, Plas Tan y Bwlch in 1997 (the 30th anniversary of CPSA), Bienno in 1998, Sopron-Somogyfajsz in 1999, Sandbjerg in 1999 and Uppsala in 2001. All these conferences were the most enjoyable and friendly of occasions, which helped to bond together a family of scholars of European early ironworking. We believe that the forthcoming conference in Prague will also be such an event.

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