Création d’un groupe de travail « Labour in Mining »

We are glad to announce the creation of the Working Group « Labour in  Mining » in the European Labour History Network (ELHN).

The EHLN working group « Labour in Mining » aims at creating and  expanding existing networks of scholars with an interest in labour in  mining sector in Europe and around the world. Also, the WG on « Labour  in Mining » wish to exchange knowledge, to organize meetings and  workshops, to organize and design collective projects, to participate  with sessions in the 3rd ELHN Conference in Amsterdam in 2019 (19-21  September).

Please find attached  a document with a description of aims and topics  of the WG and a questionnaire to be filled, if you are interested to  join the network and the working group. If you are interested in  joining the Working Group on « Labour in Mining », please fill in the attached form. Please, feel free to circulate the information among your contacts.

Le formulaire peut être téléchargé ici : ELHN_WG Labour in Mining_May 2018

Les organisateurs : Leda Papastefanaki, Miguel Perez  de Perceval Verde et Francesca Sanna

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